STEP OVER THEM Make sure they are clean.
30 shots per week7 weeks Start ??/??/??  End ??/??/??
Handicapped is not being used for the 7 weeks.
League will be Straight 20 Yards. No True Yardage or Wind.
Cost is $5.00 per shooter per week. 
Please pay at front desk.This is 40 % off regular price!
Shoot however you like, by yourself or up to three of your buddies, even all three at the same time! It’s for fun!
Blunts are up front, deposit required. Be prepared for deposit.
Any person may only shoot this league ONCE per WEEK.
We can tell if you shoot more than once per week because it will 
show a score for you!
 Any shooter that has already shot a week can shoot with someone who  has not shot that week, may do so at a cost of $8.00, 
New scores posted once per week, Monday’s.

Shooters tell RMS that you are shooting league.
Call RMS and set-up a time to shoot your league.
Equipment failure. Inspect equipment before you start. No restarts sorry.
Please INSPECT all ARROWS after EACH set of 4 arrows.