The shooter of the year program will be run as follows:

     Every state NFAA/NAA member is eligible.  Individual registration will begin at the State Indoor.  (register once for the entire season)  Each shooter may register in up to two classes. (styles of shooting).  Each shooter must be registered (at no cost, but prior to the tournament being shot) before points will be awarded to an individual. A shooter can register at the State shoot or by contacting the state secretary Lynell.  Points will be accumulated beginning from the results posted at the State Indoor, throughout the tournament season, and ending with the results posted at the State Vegas.  Points will accumulate on an individual basis, based on placement in the tournament.   Each shooter will ultimately be responsible to make sure their placement in a tournament is relayed to the person in charge of the records for the program. (currently the State Secretary Lynell)   Points will be awarded for placement in registered shoots only.  (registered shoots are covered later in the minutes)  To qualify, a shooter must shoot at least three of the five State shoots.  (This includes State Indoor, State Target, State Field, State 3-D, and the new State Vegas). 
Points will be awarded as follows for State shoots and for registered local shoots:
12 points for a first place finish
11 points for a second place finish
10 points for a third place finish
and so on down to 1 point for a twelfth place finish

$200 and a nice trophy will be awarded to the top female and male adult archers based on points accumulated. 
The top shooter 17 and under, (male or female) will be awarded a $200 savings bond and a trophy.