Pronghorn Archery Club Outdoor Range Membership

 Club Membership

Club Membership will be required first BEFORE any other memberships are given. Memberships are December 1 to November 30 ONLY. There Is NO Prorating Of Memberships. There will be only one type of membership.

One membership covers you, your spouse and dependents through the age of 18. Minimum age of a primary member is 18.  Membership is non-transferable.

Effective December 1, 2010 a PAC Outdoor Range Membership costs $35/year, is valid for 12 months from December 1 to November 30 and allows access to PAC Outdoor Range.

Non-members wishing to join the club can by calling:Andy Turnquist 307-257-7509

Ramie Haines 307-680-3413, Lizzie Sprinkle 307-660-2105,Norm Tillman 307-686-7659

Chad Coody 307-299-5457, Jeremy Terhune 307-746-5873,Jon Tucek 605-680-0141

Dan Sprinkle 307-660-5940, David Tillman 307-299-9775,Rocky Mtn Sports 307-686-0221.

If you have recently moved or need to change any information listed on your PAC Membership application/renewal form, print out the PAC Membership form and mail it to the address on the form.

Guest (DAY) Pass Policy

Members bringing in adult guests who are using the ranges must buy a guest day pass located on the cement pad. Guests must sign in and be accompanied by a member of the PRONGHORN ARCHERY CLUB while on club grounds at all times. The guest day pass should be completed by the member and the tear away portion given to the guest while they are on club grounds. The remaining portion and the $5.00 guest fee should be put in the envelope and the envelope put in the depository. The depository (mailbox) is located on the cement pad.

Day passes are not required for non-members participating in events open to the public.

Failure to pay $5.00 for each guest day pass in advance at the cement pad will increase the fee to $15.00 to be paid immediately. In addition, the violation to the member will be reviewed by the Board for possible disciplinary action.

Anyone caught using the facility without paid membership, Possession of MEMBERSHIP CARD or GUEST DAY PASS will be prosecuted for trespassing.

Locker Membership

Effective December 1, 2010 a PAC Locker Membership costs $35/year, is valid for 12 months from December 1 to November 30. This allows you to rent a club locker for storage of your gear during winter leagues. This is very handy for the cold winter months.

Membership Renewal

All memberships will expire on November 30th. After you complete and return the form with your payment, you will receive a membership card and your new key valid for the next year. All locks will be changed out on December 1st.

All lost or misplaced keys can be REPLACED at a COST of $10.00.